Tri-State Coach Award

Tri-State Coach of the Year

The Maxwell Football Club inaugurated this award to honor a high school or college coach who has not only produced great football teams, but has also motivated their players to do their very best at the next level, whether it be football or the business world.

This Years Winner…

The winner of the 19th Annual Tri-State Award for the Tri-State Coach of the Year is Duke Greco, Delaware Valley University.

Facts About Duke Greco

There are coaches in college athletics who are inexorably linked to a particular university. Pat Fitzgerald will forever be synonymous with Northwestern, regardless of where his future career path winds. Ditto Frank Beamer and Virginia Tech and Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State. At the Division III level, Duke Greco is Delaware Valley University, and the Aggies couldn’t be happier with the portrayal.

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Tri-State Coach Award

2016 James Franklin Penn State University
2015 Matt Rhule Temple University
2014 Andy Talley Villanova University
2013 Bill Zwaan West Chester University, Widener University
2012 Isaac Collins Widener
2011 Jim Clements Delaware Valley College
2009 AI Golden Temple University
2008 Andy Talley Villanova University
2007 K.C. Keeler University of Delaware
2006 Gamp Pellegrini Malvern Prep
2005 Jay Accorsi Rowan University
2004 G.A. Mangus Delaware Valley College
K.C. Keeler University of Delaware